How to Revive the Romance with Your Girlfriend This National Lover’s Day

One of the worst things you can do to your girlfriend is to take her for granted - especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. You get so used to the things they do for you that you might start to overlook them or forget to feel grateful.

This is a disaster for relationships. If you feel like you’re losing the spark in a relationship, this might be a wake-up call for you to stop taking your partner for granted.

woman holding a red heart Losing the spark in a relationship is like being stuck inside a dark room.

All it takes is a bit of effort and being able to properly express gratitude to your partner - in the hopes of building a stronger and happier relationship.

And with the upcoming National Lover’s Day on April 23, this might be your second chance to revive the romance back into your relationship.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to regain spark in a relationship:

Take Her Out on a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Several relationship experts attest that taking a vacation can help couples revive their romance and deepen their bonds.

But it’s more than just spending time together or having intimate moments. Ask your partner what they want or expect out of the vacation.

Establish a clear goal apart from rekindling the romance. Be as specific about how you want to feel once you’re back home.

Be an active listener so your partner feels heard and understood. Doing this can go a long way in making your romantic weekend getaway a success.

Additionally, you can brainstorm on an itinerary and come up with fun activities both of you would like to enjoy doing together.

Spend some time together discussing potential travel destinations and exploring activities that are available for each place.

However, keep in mind not to go overboard with activities and plans. The goal is to relax with your partner. Be in the present moment rather than focusing on adhering to the schedule.

Make Date Night Special

A standard dinner and movie date is a favorite classic, but it can sometimes feel repetitive - especially if you’ve been dating for a while.

Add something fresh and new to the mix. Everyone has their own idea of what makes date night special. You and your partner can brainstorm date night ideas together.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or an over-the-top dating experience. You just need a bit of creativity and initiative. The important thing is to get out of a rut and inject some excitement into your romance.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to keep romance alive:

Share a Deep Conversation

“In order to strengthen your emotional connection with your partner, it’s vital that they feel heard and understood.”

Sharing a deep conversation with your partner is a good path towards rebuilding love after emotional damage. You can share a deep conversation with your partner by asking meaningful questions.

We suggest doing it on a Friday night so you’re able to have more time and opportunities to continue fostering the relationship during the weekend.

Here are a couple of questions to get you started:

Truly understand what your partner wants and needs from you. Validate their words with your behavior and that will go a long way in deepening your intimate connection.

Recall Memories Together

Think about the high points in your relationship’s history like when you first started seeing each other. How do both of you feel?

According to the University of Siegen’s Mohammad Reza Mazjoobi and Simon Forstmeier, “Memories couples have about their ongoing marital relationship appear to be one of the decisive interpersonal variables in their close relationship.”

It’s possible that some relationship memories can become sources of tension and disagreement. What if your memories of a past vacation differ greatly - not only in detail but also in emotional association?

Such a divergence could reveal problems in your relationship. If left unattended, it could start a snowball process of doubting whether or not you truly understand each other.

Confronting these problems early in the relationship can save you from potentially wasting your time in the future.

Recreate Your First Date

An easy way to add some fun and excitement into your dating life is to recreate your first date. Reliving those initial moments of falling in love can help you reconnect with your partner.

Go back to the spots where you first had your first date or travel somewhere similar if those spots don’t exist anymore.

Once you get there, talk about your memories. What were you thinking at the time? How did you feel on that first date? Share each other’s thoughts and you might even get a few laughs

Don’t Take Your Girlfriend for Granted

When you’ve been together for a long time, it might be harder and harder to come up with interesting date ideas or creative ways to keep the romantic spark alive.

These days, modern technology creates many distractions. Sometimes, putting down the phone and having a deep meaningful conversation with your partner can be very hard to do.

man woman holding hands Rebuilding love after emotional damage is possible - but takes a lot of effort between partners.

Not to mention how distracting technology can be to other aspects in your life that may need more attention like work and financial obligations.

When the relationship starts to stagnate, it’s important to remember that your girlfriend is also an individual person outside the relationship. She needs to know that you appreciate her and that you still love her.

To quote Nishan Panwar, “Even the most caring people can get tired of being taken for granted.”

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