How to Set Up a Romantic Dinner at Home This Valentine’s

dinner date Try out something new and have your Valentine’s day dinner date at home.

You pick up your girlfriend at 5:00 pm sharp at her apartment for your Valentine’s dinner date. She’s wearing a classy and cute outfit that highlights her eyes, and you tell her she looks gorgeous.

You bring out a bouquet of her favorite flowers and open the car door for her in a gentlemanly style. Unfortunately, something went wrong with your reservation, and you’ll have to wait for three more hours before you can be seated.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and it’ll be near impossible to get a last-minute reservation at the best restaurants around town.

Why not set up a romantic dinner at home?

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to make a decent meal — it’s a dinner date, not Masterchef. All you need is a proper guide to help you, and you’ll be able to set things up like a Michelin star restaurant.

Pretty much anyone can remake a 5-star dining experience at home. Follow this guide, and you’re sure to have a Valentine’s day dinner date you won’t forget.

Step 1: Choosing your Menu

To make things simple for you, go with the usual four-course meal. Pick a dish that’s easy to prepare and is time-efficient. Avoid overly complicated desserts or main courses. You don’t need to choose the fanciest items to impress your lady. Opt for easy dinner recipes instead.

Your culinary skills aren’t the only thing being tested here, but your knowledge of your girlfriend as well. Take note of any allergies that your girlfriend has. Avoid choosing her least favorite type of cuisine.

People would often go for their partner’s favorite dishes. While this is indeed advantageous, your partner might have very high expectations for you. It’s either she’ll appreciate it, or she’ll unconsciously compare how different it tastes from how she likes it.

It’s your call whether you chose to prepare her favorite dish or not. If it’s not too complicated to make and the ingredients are easily accessible, then go for it. But if it is far too time-consuming and complex, then you’re better off choosing a different thing.

Don’t be too engrossed in preparing for your main course. You also have to prepare the appetizer and the dessert. It’s best to choose the recipes where you can simultaneously make them in one go. But if it’s beyond your skills, you can painstakingly prepare them one at a time.

Step 2: Preparing the Ingredients

If possible, go for a dish with ingredients that you already have at home. Missing one or two items from the recipe is fine. You can always use alternative ingredients. Just be sure that it’s the recommended alternative from the recipe you’re following.

If a grocery trip is inevitable, make a list of everything you need. Forgetting one item might cost you your entire dish. Going on multiple trips to the grocery store does not sound appealing either. It’s a waste of time and gas.

Buy two of every ingredient you are using. If something goes wrong, at least you have an extra. You won’t have to knock on your neighbor’s door and hope they have this one ingredient you are looking for.

Be wary of where you store your ingredients. There are some that have to be chilled, some that need to be placed at room temperature, and some that need to be stored after opening.

Always check the labels of the things you’re buying. They may be expired, or they have specific directions for use. Even if you’re only using it this one time, you have to be careful. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting a perfectly good ingredient.

Step 3: Setting the Table

You can’t just bring out your usual plates, set them, and call it a day. It’s a special day, make your partner feel like it.

Bring out your finest chinaware or your best dining set. Make use of any coasters or placemats you have. If you don’t have any, then you don’t need to bother.

Prepare the utensils according to what dishes you’re preparing. For a more fancy feel, neatly wrap them around a clean napkin.

woman with rose It’s always best to cover all bases when preparing for a special day like Valentine’s.

Use a clean tablecloth. Everything has to be spick and span. A haphazard table presentation may be endearing, but it’s always better to keep things arranged.

After getting your tableware set, you can move on to the decorations. You can never go wrong with the classic candles and flowers.

When lighting up your candles, make sure they’re of the same kind. Most candles are scented, and having different kinds of scents may be overwhelming. Make sure they’re placed away from flammable items and always put safety first.

Flowers have a lot of hidden meanings to them. The most frequented flowers on Valentine’s Day, roses, symbolize romantic love. They’re everyone’s go-to flowers on home dates.

Centerpieces aren’t necessary, but they do complete the faux restaurant experience. You can even use the paperweight you have in your office as a centerpiece. Add some flowers to the side, and it’ll look like an actual fine dining table.

Final Step: Serving Dinner

Make the experience wholesome for your partner by pretending to be the server for the evening. Print out your menu, place a towel on your arm, and introduce the different kinds of dishes that you have prepared.

Give the roleplaying a try — it’s fun and interactive. Don’t be afraid to break out of character to sneak in a few giggles with your partner. It’s all part of the experience.

All you need to do is get into it and serve your beautiful girlfriend a nice dinner. Everything else will follow.

Dinner dates at home are an open opportunity for you to show your partner your most comfortable self. You’re right at home. You are bound to have heartfelt and meaningful conversations.

Once in a while, it’s nice to go out for a classic movie and dinner date with your partner. But if you ever find yourself wanting something more personal, homemade dinners are the way to go.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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