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Women from Ukraine may rank pretty high on your list of desirable partners. Because of that, you may find yourself browsing a list of online dating websites that are going to cater to your particular tastes—and there are a lot of them and there are many women to meet on them. But if you do connect with a woman, you need to be careful because there are a few ways you can miss the signs she’s lying to you.

There are a lot of reasons for men to miss signs of dishonesty. It’s not always because some of the women online, or the people pretending to be women, are not sublime liars, though previous experience with lying can really help. Sometimes, the signs can be missed because a man is just so eager to find love with a Ukrainian woman that he ignores the signs.

Some signs can be pretty obvious but other signs can be a little more subtle. It can be something as little as a word or a turn of phrase or it can be something that is obvious in hindsight, like a pattern of behavior. Some guys can have a hard time trying to spot a liar. If you are new to the modern dating scene, here are the signs to look out for:

  1. Name Calling
  2. It’s a bit of a tradition between couples to call each other not by their real names, but nicknames or pet names. Favorites include ‘honey,’ ‘dear,’ and ‘my love.’

    The thing about these pet names is that they can be used as a shield against certain falsehoods. They can be used by anyone and used on anyone.

    Which means that people pretending to be Ukrainian women can use pet names in place of real names or the women themselves can do this. This is done because sometimes, those people are talking to a lot of different men and they do not want to get anyone confused for anyone else.

    So they use pet names so as not to mix anyone up, keeping those men that they are talking to on the tether so they can get more out of them. That’s one peril of free online dating: anyone can do it. Because of that, not everyone who does it has the best intentions in mind.

  3. They Keep Making Up Excuses to Not See You
  4. When you’re online dating someone from Ukraine, there’s a chance that you two don’t get to see each other as much as you’d like. Maybe you barely get to see each other and the only time that you do is when you chat on video.

    Of course, if you don’t see your partner whenever you can, you’re going to get the impulse to visit her. Naturally, the way you do that is if you book a flight. Either you get a ticket for yourself or for your girlfriend.

    But then you arrive at the airport and find out she’s not there. Either you get off the plane and you don’t see her anywhere or you arrive at the airport and wait for her but she never gets off of the plane. You wait for a while until you realize that she’s not coming.

    So you get on your phone and you try to get in contact with her. Sometimes, she doesn’t respond. Other times, she does respond and you ask what exactly is going on and she tells you that something conveniently came up.

    Another excuse is she says that she missed her flight or she’s had a family emergency that stopped her from being able to be there with you. Or some other kind of emergency.

    Whatever the case, there was something that kept her from you. That can be acceptable at first. But then it happens again and again and again that it becomes a pattern.

    If you’re looking for signs she’s lying to you, a constant stream of excuses not to see you is a pretty big one.

  5. Their Pictures Do Not Always Line Up Perfect
  6. Even the shadiest free dating site will probably allow their users to post pictures of themselves because they are needed in order to attract some attention. But the thing is that since anyone can create a profile, shady users can also use any pictures barring copyright infringement.

    This means that a person or group of people can use someone else’s picture in order to make their profile more attractive to people to whom they will be lying in short order.

  7. She Never Actually Says Anything About Herself
  8. A relationship is ideally supposed to be a two-way street. You’re supposed to get to know your girlfriend and your girlfriend is supposed to get to know you. But there are times when you realize that you may not know anything about her.

    You may talk and talk and talk, but she’ll never actually say anything about herself. She will either deflect or change the subject, but you’ll never actually know anything about her. The reason for this can be simple—that is because she is hiding something.

    The thing that she’s hiding can be small or it can be large. Either way, she’s lying, and dishonesty is not part of the formula for success when dating in Ukraine.

  9. Something Feels Off
  10. Sometimes, you’re with someone (maybe not physically), but you’re with them and something just does not feel right. It can be a subtle thing, but whatever it is, something just does not feel completely and totally right.

    Sometimes, your gut is lying to you and you should ignore it. But there are plenty of times when your gut is completely right and you should totally listen to it. The thing about life is that, sometimes, it’s better to go with the latter rather than the former.

    Honesty is an important part of a relationship. In fact, the lack of it can be a major deal-breaker for a lot of people. It can also be a major roadblock even when the couple manages to stay together despite the lies.

    So if you are in a relationship, look for signs she’s lying to you in order to be with someone with whom you can have a stable relationship.

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