Can Introverts Find Success Dating Ukrainian Women?

 two beautiful Ukrainian women and a foreign man sitting between You have as much chance with Ukrainian women despite being introverted!

Most of the time, various dating advice are meant for extroverted men. As a result, introverted men are led to think they need to actually exert the same effort in dating like their extroverted counterparts who have rather high levels of social energy.

Usually, if the advice doesn’t work, they start thinking that maybe something is wrong with their personality type, and bounce back to their comfort zone of just hanging out with old pals and recoil from the dating scene—let alone meeting Ukrainian women by itself.

Fact is, if you’re an introverted man, you already have a trait women are naturally attracted to, and that is your sense of mystery. In case you didn’t know, introversion is different from being shy. Being introverted is when you get mentally drained after spending time with others and find the most enjoyment when you’re alone. Shyness, on the other hand, is being anxious of interacting with people.

Just know that there’s nothing wrong if you mostly fall on the introverted personality trait. But the truth is dating can become difficult for introverts if you just stay at home wearing your PJs. No matter how fun that is to you, staying in your comfort zone will not help you date the most beautiful women in the world.

You don’t have to change your introverted nature, but perhaps you could just tweak your strengths a little bit and use them to your advantage while dating.

Listen more attentively

As an introvert, listening is usually your greatest forte, but if you want to impress women from Nikolaev, you’d have to listen more carefully than you’re used to. And listening isn’t enough. One way to show her that you’re really paying attention is by asking questions.

Listening will be your asset in the dating realm. Even with small talk, listening shows that you value her. Unfortunately, most introverts aren’t good with small talk. To make it easier, prepare some questions ahead so you wouldn’t have to suffer awkward silences.

As the conversation progresses, don’t be afraid to take time coming up with an appropriate response. Doing this will actually help you make better follow-up questions. Plus, it shows that you’re really paying attention.

The point is you don’t need to emulate extroverted men’s high levels of energy. You can stand out by showing how well you listen.

Make use of dating apps or sites

Dating sites or apps are better suited for introverts. That’s because you can choose what and how you project yourself on your profile. There are even a few apps and sites that tolerate anonymity between members. However, if you want better chances in marrying a Ukrainian woman who you found in Ukraine dating site, you might need to reveal more about yourself in your profile.

Online dating platforms make it easier to express yourself because you could reveal more about yourself than you ever thought possible. Dating sites and apps are the few platforms you could get away with using only words. You could even say that this trait gives you an edge over other users.

Another benefit to online dating is you can screen people first before going on a date. With just enough background research and some initial communication, you can avert the possibilities of first date catastrophes.

Make sure that you sign up on the right site. Whether you want a serious relationship or just a casual fling, there are sites intended for either purpose. You can also opt for the premium version, so you can use the enhanced features of the site or app to better find your match.

Embrace silence

Even small talk can get awkward and your conversation can go downhill when followed by awkward silence. However, a short amount of reflective silence is vital to the conversation, especially with introverts. If anything, silence and sexual tension are what separates friendship from romantic attraction.

You can tell the difference when you’re finally meeting women in Ukraine in real life. If you’re comfortable just gazing at her eyes without feeling the need to fill the quiet with words in between, she’ll appreciate that and will most likely see you as confident. After all, not everything needs to be filled with noise.

Choose quality over quantity

Perhaps, you’ve been told to actually approach women so long as they’re just within 5 feet of you. However, as an introvert, this may prove to be counterintuitive. You may not have a lot to gain energy from that. So, what will work best for you is quality over quantity. You don’t need to approach everyone around you—only those that you feel really attracted to.

But how do you know when you’ve had a quality connection? As an introvert, you’ve probably had a lot of time reading people, so reading Ukrainian women shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You’re also good at seeing through people, which means you’re more likely to be attracted to what’s inside a person, not because she’s attractive on the surface.

All in all, your intuitiveness can help you narrow down which women you should pursue.

Move it or lose her

One way to make dating feel less overwhelming is to go one step at a time. If you find a girl you’re deeply attracted to, it’s wise to build rapport with her first. Whether or not you found her via an online dating platform or not, knowing her better first is one way to increase your chance of getting a date. In other words, make friends with her first.

All in all, introversion should not be a hindrance for you to date with beautiful Ukrainian women. You simply have to date in a way that suits your personality. If you date like everyone else, not only would you be burnt out, but your chances of finding love also decreases. So don’t be put down by your introverted nature. If this guide teaches you anything, it should be that you can find someone who can accept you as you are.

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