Easiest Ways to Screw Up Dating Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian woman sitting on the grass Without you realizing it, you may already be screwing up your date with Ukrainian women such as in the points here.

Whether face-to-face or via online dating apps, dating comes with uncertainties. You may never know if you’d hit it off with someone you’re really interested in or screw it up real quick. Unless you know which kind of mistakes that screw dates or your date forgives you for it, you’ll end up being robbed off of your chances.

If your date with Ukrainian women just can’t seem to go beyond first dates, then it’s time for you to evaluate whether you’re making mistakes without realizing it. Here are several ways you can easily screw up a date with beautiful Ukrainian women:


When your online dating profile says you’re 6’2, but when you show up you’re actually 5’2, you won’t be impressing anyone when you finally meet Ukrainian singles for a date in real life.

Dishonesty doesn’t mean just lying downright, it could also mean when you’re telling half-truths, like saying you’re single when the dire truth is that you’re not even divorced yet. Or probably using a profile picture of yourself 20 years ago.

You might have been that good-looking when you were in college, but if you haven’t maintained your looks since, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. The worst case scenario is that your date would doubt if you are who you say you are.

The lesson here is be honest from the get-go.

Showing up drunk

For some men, the first few dates feel nerve-wracking. For this reason, drinking some booze is necessary. But showing up on the date drunk can leave her with a bad impression of you. She might think that you don’t care much about the experience or her. She might even think you have a drinking problem.

So if you do decide to take a few sips, make sure you remain sober enough for the entire date.

Prying into your date’s exes

No one wants their past unveiled to someone they just met. There’s a right time for everything but not this early on. If you insist on asking about her dating history or previous relationships, don’t be surprised if Ukrainian girls ghost you afterwards.

Talking about yourself too much

Whether a product of nervousness or simply being self-absorbed, talking about yourself too much makes you look self-centered. It doesn’t even matter if you’re doing this online via Ukrainian mail order brides or in real life, you give off the impression that you’re not that interested in her. So make sure to filter yourself before sharing about yourself, which brings us to the next point...


If you’re still on virtual dating, do you text your online interest all the time, telling her all about the mundane things that happened to you in a day? For all you know, there’s a lot of time to do that later. Right now, the wisest thing to do is leaving a little mystery and letting her miss you. In the beginning, you can share pertinent details, but not everything.

Coming on too strong

Even if you think she’s the one, it wouldn’t hurt to pace yourself. On the first few dates, hold yourself back from telling her about your future family plans, whether or not you want children, the plans you might want to do with her 6 months from now, or tell her that you’re just destined to be.

The biggest mistake you can make is introducing her to your family and friends way too early. This is a surefire way to weird her out. While it’s natural to want to progress your relationship to the next level, make sure you two are on the same page first. That way, your efforts won’t be in vain.

Being instantly possessive

As much as you want her to yourself, there will be other men who are going to be attracted to her. When you notice another man eyeing your date, you might be tempted to mark your territory, so to speak.

However, you must resist this urge to hog her all to yourself. Right now, all you can do is just enjoy the initial process of dating. Also, jealousy is an actual red flag because it can be perceived as a sign of distrust.

Being a no-show

Sometimes, unexpected things just happen and some things just get in the way, like emergencies, accidents, etc. When these mishaps occur, make sure to let your date know as soon as you can so she’s aware of the situation. If you fail to inform her, she’ll think you stood her up.

Even worse is informing her at the last minute via text. She might think that was a convenient excuse not to meet her. When you date a Ukrainian woman , at least have the courtesy to give her a phone call and not just a last-minute text message saying that you want to cancel the date.

Showing up like a mess

First impressions always count. Showing up like you just came from the gym—wrinkled, crinkled, and smelling unpleasant—is just plain rude. No matter how much you love your two-piece suits, present yourself to Ukrainian women with some effort by wearing an ironed, pressed outfit.

And don’t forget to fix up your hair and clean your face, as well.

Being engrossed in your phone

Dates are for getting to know one another, so every single time you grab your phone to check notification after notification shows your disinterest. Taking phone calls and sending text messages in front of your date indicates that your phone messages matter more than the date itself. If you feel like you have to check your phone, make sure to excuse yourself first.

Being rude to the service staff

No matter how nicely you are treating her, when you’re just plainly rude to others, especially the waitstaff, she would think differently of you. Your date, of course, will think that you will be treating her in such a way at some point.

Not calling after a date

It’s a one-time event, so you should at least call and tell her how the date went for you. After such time spent with her, don’t leave her hanging. If you didn’t think it went well and want to leave it at that, treat her with respect and call to provide closure.

Expecting her to make all the decisions

Right off the bat, lack of confidence is unsexy and unattractive. One way you’re showing it is by being indecisive. While there is nothing wrong with asking her opinion, in the end you still have to make a choice in matters.

So have your say in which places to go, food to eat, and everything. If you show how decisive you are, she will be impressed. A man who plans, leads, and takes some measure of action is just desirable.

Whether you met her via a marriage agency in Nikolaev, Ukraine or through mutual friends, always put your best foot forward when dating Ukrainian women!

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