Fun Ways to Tell Her You Love Her

They say actions speak louder than words. But sometimes we need words when we don’t have the energy or courage to take action yet.

However, simply saying the same words over and over again can make the novelty of the verbal affection wear off over time.

Fun Ways To Tell Her You Love Her

When words fail you, then resort to actions. But if words are all you have, you need to be creative about it.

So here are a few ways to express your feelings:

Use different terms of endearments

You don’t always have to be creative in order to find something to call her. Some terms of endearment are common enough that you can use.

Bonus tip: You can also take a page out of pop culture’s book. I heard a lot of people have taken to calling each other “my Sun and Stars/Moon of my Life” like in Game of Thrones.

2nd Bonus tip: Or you could be funny and sarcastic with your nicknames like ‘my favorite distraction’.

Affectionate insults

You have reached peak closeness when you have no problems teasing and hurling playful insults at each other or find fun ways to tell her you love her. For example, if you ever find yourself annoyed with your lover but want to lighten the mood, you can simply say “you stinky” instead of “I love you” and that will do the trick.

Replacing the “I love you” with harmless teases is for people who have been together for a long time. When you are so secure in your relationship, you can play and joke around openly, as long as it is done tastefully, of course.

Switching up the way you show affection can sometimes mean more than those three iconic words.

This can be applied to not just lovers and married couples, but also family members and best friends.

Remember: It all depends on what you two are comfortable with. Others might not be fine with this kind of thing so discretion is advised.

Try to Make it Fun Again

You aren’t getting any younger, express your feelings. The best thing you can do for yourself and your relationship is to make sure she knows you love her. Constantly and in as many ways as possible.

So bring out your inner child. Keep that youthful spirit alive. That’s how you build a healthy and vibrant relationship.

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