Trying Online Dating in 2022? Avoid Doing These 6 Things!

woman using a laptop Online dating in 2022 is easy if you know what not to do on dating platforms.

The possibility of meeting your significant other in one of your travels, bumping into someone at a party, starting an office romance, or encountering your soulmate in a bar has now become a fantasy, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 and 2021 have been tough for singles who prefer a natural approach when it comes to finding the love of their life. However, the opposite has been proven true for online dating in 2022 as it has been a boon for people who rely on the Internet in search of their soulmate.

The reports from various online dating websites and apps regarding spikes of activity during the pandemic are proof that people have been flocking to the Web in pursuit of Internet romance. Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and its variants, most opportunities to find love are found online. If you’re looking for a foreign beauty, especially a Ukrainian woman, your best chances of finding them are through international matchmaking websites.

It’s crucial to be in your best shape this year, considering there are plenty of single women out there desperate not to spend the rest of their lives alone in quarantine. While finding the right platform is a huge game-changer, the success of landing a foreign date or marrying a Ukrainian woman lies in your knowledge of what not to do when on various online dating platforms.

Steer clear from doing these things if you want to have an authentic dating experience:

1. Using another person’s name.

The only thing you will gain by using another person’s name is being tagged as “creepy.” Most women who are seriously looking for long-time partners are fed up with lies and games, which means they don’t have time for people who aren’t using their real names in their profiles.

Your goal is to find a long-term relationship on dating websites, so start by being honest with yourself and with others. You can use either your first name or your nickname. Refrain from putting everything on your profile so that a prospect will find you interesting.

2. Using other pictures as your profile photo.

woman drinking coffee in front of her laptop Keep your bio short and sweet if you want to attract a Ukrainian woman on dating platforms.

It’s cool if you love the outdoors because it attracts prospects and is a popular result on online dating website filters. However, one of the no-no’s when it comes to building your profile is to use photos of a beach, mountain, sky, or any landscape. It might be a sight to behold, but women aren’t there just to look at your vacation pictures.

Hence, using your real photograph is attractive and gives your prospective dates an impression that your profile is real. Make sure you look good in your photos! If you want to get creative, you can use a profile picture that shows you and your talent in it. Go get your dates by showing them your good looks!

3. Lying about your age.

Your profile photo rocks, but there’s nothing to gain by not putting your exact age in your bio. There’s no shame in revealing your true age on online dating websites. Besides, there are women looking for older foreign husbands, so no need to fret if you’re beyond 40.

Some sites filter searches by age, which works to your advantage. However, be careful not to divulge your birthday in your bio, as it is considered sensitive information.

4. Displaying a few photos on your profile.

There’s no harm if you’re starting to explore the world of online dating this 2022, but if your profile looks suspicious to your prospect dates, you won’t probably get replies until 2023 unless you upload enough photos of yourself as proof.

Give your prospect dates the benefit of the doubt by uploading more than two photos of you. This way, they’ll make an informed decision that you’re not lazy, you’re a real account, and they get a glimpse of what you really look like. Moreover, minimize putting group photos in your profile as prospects don’t have time to play “guess who.”

5. Making long bios.

woman using a laptop If you want to date a Kyiv or NIkolaev woman, be honest in your online profile.

You’re probably excited to share your life story or how you want to spend a vacation with her in two paragraphs. Well, you can keep them saved for later in your conversations if you don’t want women to cringe and detour at the sight of a wall of texts in your bio. Keeping your info simple and short is one rule of thumb.

You can put an interesting quote, a fun fact about yourself, or a line from your favorite television show or movie. This way, you’re going to attract women who also share the same interests without giving away too much in your info.

6. Forcing someone to meet offline and disregarding COVID-19 safety policies and precautions.

With COVID-19 still on the radar, cyber dating seems unlikely to die, which means most people prefer virtual dates to in-person meetings. It’s truly frustrating when the woman you’ve been communicating with for quite a while prefers online while you want to meet her offline. You can try to convince her but don’t get to the point where you’re already forcing her and talking her out into her decisions because it’s disrespectful.

Keep in mind that every person has their own set of limitations when it comes to socializing during this pandemic, as well as their own definition of “comfort zone.” Besides, the only thing you will get from forcing her is disappointment and regret. Even if she gives in, you’ll be dating someone who isn’t comfortable or confident being with you in the first place, which you might regret later, too.

Luckily, some online dating websites have unique features that allow users to customize their COVID dating preferences. For instance, you can find and filter your search for a prospective match who shares the same interests and ideas of dating this pandemic. Also, some websites offer matchmaking tours where participants, both men and women, agree to wear masks and social distance during the event, as well as being fully vaccinated before joining.

These are some of the things you need to avoid doing when using an online dating website to find women for a relationship. The clearer your profile and intentions are, the better your chances of landing a date.

If you’re yearning to date a Ukrainian beauty, you’re better off going to an international matchmaking website. They provide translation services to make communication easier. Also, they offer unique single tours that will allow you to meet beautiful and single women in Ukraine.

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