Dating Scams | How to Spot a Scammer from a Mile Aways

A photo of a woman holding her smartphone. Spot a dating scammer coming from a mile away with these tips.

Every year more and more people turn to online dating sites and dating apps to seek the proper relationships for them, and every year couples get married to someone they met online. The world of online dating is fascinating and beautiful, but just like everything else, it has a dark, unwanted underbelly too—the dark and sinister world of dating scams.

Romance scammer stories are horror stories of online dating participants. There are a lot of dating scammers out there, and they take advantage of the pure, poor souls who are simply searching for the love of their lives. Sadly, because of this, a lot of people get turned off with online dating and miss the opportunity of a lifetime. You can meet the love of your life through dating sites; you just gotta learn to differentiate the legitimate ones from the miscreants. It is easy too if you familiarize yourself with the signs to look for. With that said, here are a couple of signs of a romance scammer online:

When online dating, all you really have to do is ask yourself these questions: Is she moving things way too fast? Has she asked about my yearly wage yet? Do I know enough about her? Why does she want to move in with me right away? You should already be able to deduce her intentions by asking these questions. Just know that it will always be more smooth-sailing when you’re talking with a woman whose intentions are pure and align with yours. There are a lot of them out there, but there are also a lot of online dating scammers. Avoid the latter by following this guide. Eventually, you’ll be dating a beautiful lady who can potentially be your future wife. Do not let dating scammers dissuade you; instead, learn to avoid them.

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