What MOTIVATES Ukrainian Girls Dating Beyond Borders?

As Ukraine dating gains popularity among a legion of men around the world, there's a noticeable trend of increasing openness among Ukrainian women towards dating foreigners. Could this surge in Ukrainian women's interest in dating beyond their borders be linked to the high infidelity rates observed among local men in Ukraine?

International matchmaker, John, teams up with our resident Eastern European matchmaking expert in Ukraine dating, Anna. Together, they delve into the motivations driving the increasing number of Ukrainian women who now dream of lifelong connections with foreign men. The two cupids also highlight notable differences in attitudes between Ukrainian and Western women toward men and similarities in outlook the former have with American men.

Joining an international dating agency with offices in Ukraine, Anna sees the consistent increase in Ukrainian women registrations as a result of the uninspiring domestic dating scene. The matchmaker points out that the population disproportion in Ukraine, where there are more Ukrainian women than men, is not only leading Ukrainian women to seek a better bachelor abroad but also fostering a sense of confidence among Ukrainian men, making them more inclined to engage in infidelity within their relationships.

John adds that many American men seeking their foreign perfect match have observed a trend of local women becoming increasingly non-traditional. This shift sometimes extends to the rejection of traditional courteous gestures, such as declining offers to have doors held open for them. Online communities of men collectively called the manosphere tackle these exact issues with some of them identifying as MGTOWs, red pills, and passport bros–a tribe of men primarily interested in dating foreign women.

Taking into account these perspectives, the two underscore that NOW offers an ideal opportunity for both American men and Ukrainian women to guaranty a match with significant interest emanating from both sides. Despite the absence of live speed dating events and first dates in Ukraine via dating tours, local matchmakers remain steadfast in their mission to make Ukraine dating accessible to everyone interested.

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