While the dangers of war have made foreigners dating in Ukraine a rare sight, Ukrainian matchmakers cite alternative ways foreign bachelors can meet Ukraine women.

Anna, our resident Ukrainian matchmaker, answers questions from the tribe of men who hope to pursue Ukraine women in the safest of ways. The matchmaker enumerates options for foreign men to guaranty a match with Ukraine women in the absence of matchmaking events. Anna recommends two options—virtual meetups and live introductions outside Ukraine.

Going the virtual route, foreigners can meet Ukraine women with more security than dating apps can provide with all Slavic women going through screening prior to registration. The bachelors can either send Ukrainian girls messages on dating apps or request Skype calls with them. This option would seem ideal for men who wish to take a journey dating beyond borders slowly but surely and would allow them to strive to be the better bachelor versions of themselves before they ace live introductions with their future Ukrainian bride. .

After some exchange, these better bachelors can then solo travel to countries near Ukraine like Poland or Romania to go on first dates with Ukrainian women. Despite Ukrainian cities like Kyiv, Odesa, or the city of brides, Nikolaev, returning to normalcy, living conditions remain highly volatile. This option would also be ideal for single men who prefer to jump right in and meet Ukraine women in person.

Intercultural dating has grown in Ukraine over the years with more Ukrainian women dating foreigners. This growth can be attributed to the rise of international matchmaking agencies with dating services that provide both men and Ukrainian women better chances of meeting their perfect match.

A legion of men who are eagerly seeking dating experiences with Ukraine women can’t wait to find the right woman.

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