NO Dating App NEEDED! How PASSPORT BROS Date Ukraine Women

While the Ukraine war remains a threat to security, Ukrainian women continue to seek love without borders with the help of international matchmaking agencies. Despite the unknown future of speed dating events in Ukraine, matchmakers have come up with ways for the tribe of men eyeing Ukrainian women as the perfect match to meet their potential brides beyond borders, outside of the war zone.

Our resident Ukrainian matchmakers, Anna and Uliana, discuss other options available that make Ukraine dating a strong reality for the foreign bachelors still interested in dating Ukrainian women. These Slavic women delve into their own experience with helping foreigners meet Ukrainian women at the time of war and how these alternative ways of dating in Ukraine still maximize their chances to guaranty a match with a Ukrainian girl while ensuring the safety of parties involved.

Uliana particularly talks about how Ukraine dating apps monitored by matchmakers have helped clients establish their dream of lasting connections with Ukrainian women they wanted to pursue before actually meeting them face to face. While some connections only form during in-person dates, the Ukrainian cupid still highlights the advantage of knowing a Ukrainian bachelorette beforehand.

Besides Ukraine dating apps, foreigners can also opt to do Skype calls with the Ukrainian women they wish to pursue. This could be a great opportunity to discover sparks or chemistry and perhaps test out your rizz or the daygaming skills you’ve acquired from YouTube tutorials. When ready to meet in person, be the better bachelor by not risking yours and your potential Ukrainian wife’s safety through making the choice of meetings outside Ukraine.

As solo travel to Ukraine remains highly discouraged, inviting Ukrainian women to nearby countries like Moldova, Poland, or Romania might be the best alternative to the singles tours for now. While best for passport bros who have that constant itch to solo travel and explore countries, this could also make your Ukrainian bachelorette’s day or week or life even, as you treat her to a much needed break from the conflict plaguing Ukraine.

Ultimately, it’s less about which option you take but more about actively taking a step to realizing your dream of lasting connections with Ukrainian women. Be one among the legion of men who gave dating beyond borders a chance and are now living with and loving their Ukrainian brides.

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