Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service

Is this company and service for real?

Why would I want to use your service?

How do I order the addresses of the women?

Is your service similar to a Mail Order Bride company?

Are the women on your service really interested in me,or just coming to America?

Are the women only looking for rich men?

How easy is it to bring a woman to the US on a fiancée visa & why do I have to go to her country prior to inviting her?

Is there a charge for the women who participate on your service?

What kind of a response will I receive?

How long will I have to wait for a response?

How important are looks?

Are the addresses I receive current?

Is age an important factor?

Should I send money to the women I correspond with to help with their expenses?

Who may use A Foreign Affair's services?

How may I make payment when I order?

How do I view the attached file?

What are the international postal rates?

Could you send me more information
concerning your company?

How do I view the encoded Cyrillic text?